Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cloth nappies & baby carriers....

Today my husband and I went on an adventure....a search to buy some cloth nappies. We started out Bs life with the original terry towelling cloth nappies, however have found that they are limiting Bs movement, especially now as she is starting to crawl. We finally decided it was time to try some of the modern cloth nappies and with a 'baby show' in town, ventured off to see what we could find.

Let me just say how glad I was with my decision to leave my little one at home with my mum. A baby show...certainly not (in my opinion) a place for babies.

This is what we came home with....... add to the washing pile...or perhaps I could say never-ending washing mountain? :)

I am very excited as I had been using a few disposable nappies
(gulp....I know) so now I have no excuse! No more land fill from our household!

I am also very thrilled with the baby carrier we bought. (I have had a sling in the past however B never seemed to quite fit and enjoy it.) The ERGO carrier is brilliant! Baby faces you (which I think is super important) and all the weight is carried on your hips. As baby gets older you can carry them on your back. I popped B in when we got home and she LOVED it. I took her around the house with me, going about our usual evening rhythm, running her bath etc. She seemed so content and happy, even sucking on one of the straps and cooing :)

What better way to carry your precious baby than tummy to tummy......


  1. I love the Ergo carrier. My little one is nearly 3 and still loves to go in the ergo on my back. Enjoy :)

  2. Yes, we use cloth. If you want something super trim and gorgeous colours...have a look at Itti Bitti D'lish...and if you want beautiful check out Holdens Landing for the most gorgeous night nappies. Yum!


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