Monday, October 18, 2010

Handmade Holiday 2010 Update 1

In preparation for Handmade Holiday 2010 over the past week I have.......

- ordered some beeswax so that I can begin to make my candles. Still waiting for this to arrive so not sure I will get a chance to start before we go away. Will be keeping my eyes open for pretty secondhand jars/ tea cups while we are traveling.

- made lots of little bags.....these little bags have become one of my 'signature crafts' (if there is such a thing). They make great little gifts and can be used for so many things.

- Started making little stars from hand dyed felt & silver thread....great to tie to Christmas gifts instead of a card or sticker.....they can then be reused as Christmas tree decorations or perhaps hanging from some branches on the nature table, or a pillow for a fairy......lots of uses and super cute!

Here is a finished one....

- Knitting the bunny will begin once the other bootie I have been working on is completed...hopefully I will finish the bootie tonight!

- Dad is currently sourcing some wood for the playpegs. I have also (very sweetly) put in a request for a handmade wooden pushchair for B to push her dollies around in (once she is walking of course). We have one of these at playgroup and I fell in love with it when I saw it! ....will keep you updated with our progress :)

 - Started making a 'sack' waldorf doll for B - I made the mistake of using mohair for the hair of the first waldorf doll I made, and B ends up with a mouth and hands full of fluff. Also after much reading, I have discovered it is more appropriate for a baby to have a soft, more unformed doll. Hoping to make some good progress on this before we leave next Monday. I just love making waldorf dolls - it is so lovely to see a sweet doll be born.....

- I have also spent some time looking for handmade toys for B on ETSY. As everything goes in the mouth I find I am limited in the things I can make her... I love wooden toys, however have to be careful of their size, as we are getting lots of bumps and bruises! LOVE to hear any ideas you have for handmade/ natural toys for a 7 month old....

- I have sewing class with Maria Borrelli (of Heartfelt) this Thursday night - we are making these lovely Christmas angels.......I can't wait! Maria makes the most lovely dolls and crafts - a very inspiring mama! Will post an update on Friday with some pictures.

Thanks for visiting.....would love to know what you are working on. Please feel free to leave your blog address and what you have been working on for Handmade Holiday 2010.


  1. So lovely to see the creations emerging from your heart and hands! On baby toy suggestions, I'm going to be knitting my babe a gnome (per Plain & Simple's pattern) and a ball. Last year, when she was still a wee babe, I made her some fabric blocks, which the crew still enjoys to this day. Just some ideas.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with...

  2. That would be the blog "Plain and Joyful Living". Silly me.

  3. My middle son loved balls around seven months. Sewn ones with bells, wool ones, sewn ones with ribbon loops.

    My almost six-month-old right now loves little waldorf teether dolls (with the knotted feet and stuffed hands), knitted dolls (the exact one that Wabi-Sabi Wanderings mentioned, actually), wooden teethers, wool felted rings (from etsy but you could knit and felt them yourself), blankets with little ribbon loops. He also loves grabbing handfuls of playsilks.

  4. I love making Waldorf dolls too. I found that the limb doll I made for my little girl when she turned two was too big and heavy for her at that age. The soft baby doll I made her a few weeks ago for her third birthday is much better - she just loves it. I will do a post on it soon. I am currently working on handmade christmas cards and little felt pocket folks. In regards to toys for 7 month olds I found that Grace loved a wooden spoon to suck and bang things with.

  5. for a young baby, I like to make felted balls....super easy....sometimes I put a bell inside, too! W loves them!


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