Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Organic fruit & vegetable box.....

I was inspired by a recent post by Amber Greene over at Mamamoontime on Organic Fruit and Vegetables. This made me start thinking and looking into whether such a service was available to us here.

After doing my research, I decided on a company called LettuceDeliver. You place your order on Friday and then on Monday morning it is delivered to your kitchen benchtop! Additionally you are emailed a produce report so you know what is in season, what is not available due to weather, growers specials etc. All the fresh produce is certified organic and on the website it actually tells you where the produce in coming from, sometimes even the farmers name! Need I say that we are LOVING the freshness.

Here is a peek at our 5th delivery.......yummmm

So if you live in a big city (which we do) and you are renting (which we are) and therefore cannot go digging up the earth to create your own vege patch.....then maybe this is for you. However nothing tops growing your own :)

Hope you had a wonderful day...


  1. A lovely blog~ Thnak you for following mine. I look forward to visiting again. The veggie box looks inviting.

    A happy day to you
    Warm regards

  2. Your vegie box looks fab too! I love it- Lettuce Deliver. Clever name, hey!
    Your blog is really cute!! I love the colour and the mottled effect on the background. Gorgeous!
    Amber www.mamamoontime.com

  3. I just started participating in something similar (a friend of mine started it herself, as it was not available in our area!) and I'm loving it too! We live in an apartment, and this is the next best thing to having our own garden! Love the variety in your box!


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