Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Here are some of the things I have been working on...

I am so excited to have finally finished one bootie...only one to go! I definitely need a lot more practice knitting, however for my first attempt at following a pattern I am quite happy... they sort of resemble a bootie and fit on B's foot!

The results of a recent visit to Tessuti (a local fabric store). As usually I find myself falling IN LOVE with so many fabrics. Fabric is such an obsession, don't you think? You can never have too many...... well thats what I keep telling myself. My mind is so full of ideas for this lot.... just need to find some more time to sew!

Also came across this lovely Japanese pattern book full of the most delightful children's clothes. I am told by the lady in the store that the patterns, even though all in Japanese, are very easy to follow. fingers crossed.

Pants Pants and more Pants.....I have been busy sewing B lots of "Big Butt Baby Pants" Made by Rae in anticipation of our trip. I find it so rewarding making things by hand that actually serve a purpose.

After seeing the most lovely image on The Magic Onions - 'Waldorf Baby by Rebecca' from Bending Birches, I was inspired to have a go at creating something similar. I dug out my watercolours and went to our local art shop to buy some watercolour paper (still shocked at the price of the paper!) Here is my attempt so far......

Finally a tidy workspace....We moved these shelves in from the garage so that I could organise some of my sewing/ craft things that had taken to residing on the floor of the study/sewing room .... I am so pleased with how they look. Lets just see how long they stay looking so neat :)

I'd love to hear what you have been working on. Post a comment leaving your blog address......


  1. I love the booties and pants. Lovely waterpainting too. Yes, the paper is expensive isn't it! I have just finished making a waldorf baby doll for my little girl, I am now working on some horsey reins. I love reading about creative Mummies!

  2. Oh My, you are a busy Mother, and what a beautiful water color, just lovely, cheers Marie

  3. The waterpainting looks lovely and I m jealous of the big bookcase for all your sewing! A big storage bokcase is next on my agend of op shop finds :)

  4. Pants couldn't be cuter girl!


  5. Hi im karen, what a beautiful new blog ive stumbled upon here:) Those pants and booties look great. Ive been making felt crowns for my daycare and learning how to spin wool. heres my blog adress-

  6. Hi! You won the spring bee and washi tape magnets! Yeah!! Can you send me your postal address so I can get them to you asap? Look forward to hearing from you! Amber

  7. I've been making Big Butt Baby pants too. I only have one pic up on my blog but will put up another of my little guy in his Birthday Big Butt Baby pants as soon as I get them edited.

  8. so pleased to have found you, love! those pants are adorable! congrats on your bootie. i haven't tried anything like that yet. this winter i plan to branch out and attempt to knit a garment. my knitting has been pretty simple and straightforward at this point. ;)

  9. :) lovely job on the watercolors.....isn't is so much easier than you thought? That piece was actually one of my firsts! And i def. wouldn't consider myself a painter!! So glad you liked it:)
    those pants are WAY adorable.....oh man!
    have a great weekend, love:)

  10. I love the baby pants! Are you knitting the booties on two straight needles or DPN's...I couldn't tell from the photo.

    I've been busy felting and saving the world.

  11. Just popped over here from The Magic Onions. You have a lovely wee daughter and a great blog! I look forward to reading about your creative natural life iin the future!

    We have been woeking on decorating our home for Autumn!

  12. Love everything in this post! The watercolours is inspiring!

  13. Such lovely comments - thank you. I love hearing what you have all been up to. Booties are on straight needles....I had a pattern for DPN's however I think a little too advance for my first knitting project :)

  14. Such sweet baby pants. And the baby, oh how gorgeous she is!


  15. Well I should be working on my watercolor painting too. We are in 4th grade now and I don't feel like we have come along as far as we should have.
    I'm still working on my granny squares, and finishing up one last sewing project before I move on to holiday creating.
    I love all of your pinkness!


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