Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WIP Wednesday & Handmade Holiday Update 2

After 4 weeks of almost no creating (only a little knitting) I was very excited to come home to get on with preparing for Christmas. I am participating in Handmade Holiday 2010 (take a visit to Plain & Joyful Living for lots of lovely handmade gift ideas) 

You can see what I am planning to make here

Here is my first attempt at candle making......these lovely little glass jars are all the way from Paris (I saved the little jam jars from our breakfast!) I thought they would make sweet little candles.

It was amazing how quickly the wax turned from a lovely amber colour to a milky cream.....

Here is the finished product - I still have a few little embellishments I want to make to the lid - will post some pictures later in the week.

I am planning to make my step-daughters a large playscape - I have not yet thought about what it will be, however as I have never wet felted before I thought I better experiment. 
For my first attempt I wanted to make something smallish we could use on summer nature table

.......and here is what it looked like after much rolling! I am so pleased with it. 

More updates on my progress later.....

How are your preparations for Christmas coming along? I would love to hear what you have been creating....


  1. such lovely candles, the scent of beeswax filling the home is incredible! it seems this season is always met for my family with beeswax and wool! your felting looks incredible!


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