Friday, January 28, 2011

All the things on my mind...

Life has been so busy and I can't believe we are coming to the end of January already. I am going back to work for 2 days at the beginning of March, so have been looking for a nanny to care for my little girl (I try not to think about it as I can't imagine leaving her for a day)

Usually when I am sitting in my armchair breast feeding B (probably one of the only times I have to think in quietness each day) I think of all the things that are on my mind and that I would like to share on my blog. And then I think when will I ever find the time. So tonight I am going to write everything that is on my mind that I so want to share with you all and hear what you thoughts are......

- Have you seen this If you haven't,  it is worth watching.

- After watching 'the story of stuff' I thought I WONDER WHAT IS IN MY MATTRESS and more importantly what is in my daughters mattress. I started to search the internet and didn't like what I read. I also read some interesting information on metal in mattresses. Of course there is always two sides, however after lots of researching I have decided to buy new mattresses for our family - it is a big financial decision however I feel necessary given that we spend 50% of our life on our mattress (or should!) Yesterday I bought my little girl an organic wool futon mattress from Blessed Earth.

-  Since having my daughter I have begun to look at what I buy with closer eyes and question many of the 'false claims' on products. We have also started to try to minimise the rubbish that our family creates - recycling wherever possible - growing our own herbs (we are currently renting so cannot have our vege patch yet.....but we have a worm farm!) - using cloth nappies - little cloths to wipe our little ones face/ hands during meals etc......

One of my news resolutions is to make big changes to the way in which we live to become more focused on Natural Wholesome me this means be consistent across all aspects of our life, not just those areas which are perhaps easier and that others see, but everything. I have started to look at everything twice, already lots of things have started disappearing from our house. The other day I made fabric softener - I think it is great!  

- Have you heard of KEFIR...I just heard about it and am waiting on my order to arrive. Will keep you posted.

-  I have been creating some little animals.....a knitted horse and pig and a little felt dog (excuse the bad quality images)

- Little terry toweling nappies and apron for the girls' dolls. I just love the white lace fabric given by a dear friend of mine (with the kind suggestion of making aprons!)

How nice to be able to get that all on paper/ screen. Hope you have all had a lovely January. 
I would love to hear your thoughts on my thoughts.......


  1. It is funny how having children changes our whole perspective on life. We have changed the way we live so much since having children.

    Will be interested in hearing about how you get on with the kefir grains, I have been hearing lots of good things about them too.

  2. Oh HI, how lovely to come across your inspiring blog:) I have a little sickie at home at the moment so we are having 'screen time' and I'm just devouring your blog posts. I love your knitted animals sooo much - in fact I kind of want to purchase some if you are ever going to sell them or set up an etsy shop? Yes, the story of stuff is very eye opening. Like so many things in life, the more you question, the more questions you seem to get! Also, I had never even thought about my mattress - not sure I want to yet though! Well, it was so nice visiting you! I'll come back again, you can visit my daughter and I at my little clown blog @ Jane:)

  3. how weird...I wrote a long comment yesterday and yet it is not here? something very odd going on.

  4. These are wonderful resolutions I think. And I love your knitted animals - they're gorgeous!

  5. Will let you know how we like the Kefir Seaside Siblings.

    Hello Jane (& Lou) lovely to meet you! Have just been visiting your lovely blog - what gorgeous things you create :) You have inspired me for my daughters first birthday coming up! I have thought about an ETSY shop however finding the time to actual set it up is the only issue, I am hoping to in the next few months so stay tuned.

    Oh how strange Shannon - I will check the comments in dashboard.....

    Thank you Anna!


Thanks for your sharing your thoughts. I love hearing from you and will respond to any questions in the comments sections. Natalie

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