Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tiny Peg-Folk Exchange

Picture courtesy of M Bloom of We Bloom Here...aren't they just gorgeous!

Have you heard about the Tiny peg-folk swap over at We Bloom Here??  
What a wonderful idea, a swap where each participants will each create and receive 4 or 5 little peg-folk. What I love is that each little peg person will come with a poem or story.....what a lovely addition to evening story time or your nature table and a great way to be connected to new people!

I have signed up and made my first wee peg people while my little one was sleeping. Oh how I love day sleeps :) As M. Bloom warns, it is very addictive making these little people!!

If you haven't already, then pop over and visit M. Bloom and see her inspiring tutorials on little peg folk and sign up for the exchange. 


  1. I joined, too! I'm going to get started this weekend when the kids are outside with their dad - otherwise I know that half finished peg-folk will wander off my table! (:

  2. Yay! it is going to be such fun!

  3. Hello! Hello! Thanks for the kind words!


  4. Hi, I'm wondering if you could share where you buy the little wooden doll bodies for this sort of little doll? I'm in Australia (I think you are too?) and I'm struggling to find nicely shaped ones.

    I was keen to join the swap on We Bloom Here, but the thought of 5x o/s postage put me off. :( Especially if some of those were to the US with our $9 additional surcharge from Aussie Post.

    Thanks for a lovely blog. I've enjoyed reading it for the past few weeks.


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