Friday, March 25, 2011

The Story of the Butterfly Children.....

....."the butterfly maidens watch 
over the chrysalids as they play
 and tell them about the plants
 and pretty, brightly-coloured flowers. 
How wonderful they smell!"....

Sybille von Olfers - The Story of the Butterfly Children

This lovely story was my inspiration for the swap M. Bloom of we bloom here recently hosted. So here is what was inside those little white parcels.....


Hopefully they have all be received and I don't spoil the surprise for anyone!

This has been such a fun swap......We still have two little treasures yet to be posted in our letterbox. When all our new friends have arrived we will introduce you! 


  1. They are lovely. Fancy having one of those flap through your letter box. Lucky swappers. We joined in the swap too. You're right. It was great fun!

  2. oh my goodness, the cuteness!!!! i LOVE them!! no arrival yet but international seems to be taking eons these days. so excited to open my box to one of these sweeties!

  3. So completely cute! I'm excited to see all the friends!

  4. They are so adorable! I also participated in the swap, it was my first time, and I loved it! You were not in my swap group, but this post now makes me even more curious to see what everyone else has created :)

  5. So lovely! What lucky recipients.
    You're right, this has been such a fun swap.

  6. received today and i am in love!!! too sweet for words, honestly. i adore your technique and creativity. love, love, love!! my daughter is still at school but she is going to squeal with excitement when she sees them. ;)

  7. gosh these are just amazing!!!!
    I will have to give these little one a go too!!!
    Thank you for the inspiration they are just amazing!

  8. these are just soo cute, they make me feel all gooey inside! well done :-)

  9. They are divine...and we love ours. Your creativity and crafting is a delight. Thank you.

  10. So seriously, I was looking through the peg people gallery and saw these. I, of course, drooled and wished that I could have one. Then I came here to comment on how cute they were and noticed that momma rae, one of my swap partners, had commented.

    And then I grew a brain and realized that one of these sweet sets is winging its way to me!! I shall be stalking the mailbox now. ;)


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