Thursday, April 14, 2011

Autumn Days and crafts...

We are enjoying lovely crisp sunny autumn days here. Lots of play and exploring outside - our favourite things, picking the herbs and smelling them (my little one is learning how to "smell" with sound effects!) and little white stones from our garden.

Here is some of the things we have been making....

Pants for the little one

Easter Hares...

Oh and my step daughter has been finger knitting......she can't seem to stop as you may tell from the picture. We have decided to use it to make a little mat (this was her idea as she tells me they are making something similar in Class 1 at school). Will be sure to post the finished product. 

Making lots of things with apples 

What are you filling your autumn (or spring) days with?


  1. Such a beautiful post - it makes me think of everything I love most about this time of year! Those pants are exquisite, as is the finger knitting. The funny thing about reading your blog is that I always get caught up in the header. I spend a good five minutes thinking 'isn't that lovely? I wonder if I could make one of those....such gorgeous colours' etc. And that's before I even get to the post!

  2. Goergeous! May I ask where you found the hare pattern? It's simply adorable.

  3. what beautiful days it looks like youve been having. Your daughters pants are adorable and she looks oh so cute nibbling her apple on the kitchen bench:) I hope you enjoyed making candles

  4. Great projects! Such a precious little one, you are blessed! Those little hands examining the plants went straight to my heart.

  5. What a cutie! I love how she is nibbling that apple. The little rabbits are also very cute!

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. Aw, those pants are adorable! Bunnies too!


  7. Oh thank you all for your kind words.... yes I feel very blessed with my little one :)

    Anna - you are very could easily create it (I use pages, mac version of word)

    The little hare pattern was from the book, The Nature Corner (


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