Saturday, April 9, 2011

How to make a yoyo flower....

Here is a very simple little tutorial to make a yoyo flower. These can be made for so many different things, however here I have simply sewed onto my little ones vest....a lovely gift for someone expecting.

You will need:
Small piece of fabric
Thread & Needle

Step 1 - Cut out a circle from your fabric (any size you like) 

Step 2 - Begin sewing around circle (running stitch), turning under raw edge as you sew to create seam

Note - try not to pull the thread too tight as you sew 

Step 3 - Continue until you have sewed around whole circle. Then pull the thread tight, so that you gather the centre of the flower...

Step 4 - Take your needle to the back of the yoyo flower

You may now use it however you wish. 
Below I have sewed onto a little vest using a running stitch. 


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  1. Thank you. I bought a beautiful little circle skirt the other week for my wee girl(it is made from an old embroidered tablecloth)and there was a tiny hole in the fabric which was cleverly covered by one of these little yo-yos made heart shaped and i wondered how simple they were to do, quite simple as it turns out!


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