Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Easter celebration....

Here is how we prepared and celebrated.

Sprouts for our little Easter garden. 

We used egg shells left over from all the apple cakes we have been making

Our finished Easter garden... 
.....we hope that the Easter Hare likes the sprouts we are growing for him.....

Our Easter table

Sewing evening with mamas crafting an Easter Hare for their little ones.

The (almost) finished little hares

Sewing morning with mamas crafting little chicks for the Easter table.....Thanks to my friend Shannon over at Rhythm & Rhyme

This little one was made by my dear friend Lisa - this was her first ever go at wet sweet is this little chick!

Easter egg hunt with friends (still in pyjamas) 

We hope you all had a lovely Easter celebration


  1. oh my goodness, such a sweet holiday. The last photo, just makes me smile, so darling!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful ~ especially that little angel face at the end.

  3. What beautiful handmades! Love that Easter Garden. Also what adorable clear blue eyes at the end!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter and so many wonderful handmade gifts :) Happy creative Friday.

  5. looks like you had lovely Easter! And so much fun making all the pretties. :)

  6. even though my kids are older and the youngest is autistic and won't craft with me, I love looking at your lovely projects and photos! so much fun!

  7. Lovely! Is there a pattern for the hare? Thanks!


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