Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Southern Season Exchange - Autumn

I recently participated in the Autumn Southern Season Exchange
My swap partner was Angela, from the blog Mein Spatz.

Our parcel arrived last Friday. The girls were so excited to open it. 
Here is what was inside......

 A gorgeous needle-felted pumpkin and apple. 
A sweet needle-felted little duck and toadstool.
Some seed pods.
This gorgeous card, handmade by Angela - I love this. 

Thank you Angela, what lovely gifts for our harvest table.

I will post some pictures of what we sent for the swap once Angela receives the parcel. 



  1. Lucky you - quite a harvest! Stunning card.

  2. What an amazing package that must have been to open! Pure autumnal magic :)

  3. So pretty! What a lovely idea, to exchange beautiful handmade treasures to celebrate the season. -- Kathy (

  4. I love autumn! Its like a deep breath! Lovely!


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