Thursday, May 26, 2011

Creating Little Peg People...

Tonight a group of mamas got together to create little peg people. 

In preparation I made a few more peg people myself last night 
my favourite.....this little toadstool girl

Mamas creating....

The finished peg people....

The little violet girl and gnome to the left (above) and right (below) were made by my good friend Liz of Morrie and May

Totally off topic, however I found some local honey today. Just as I was reaching for my usual jar of organic raw honey, the lady in the shop showed me one from a local could I go past that.

We kept bees throughout my childhood, so I have very fond memories of honey, especially eating the little crystals when the honey crystallised during the extraction process. My dad would keep them in a jar in his workshop and we would get a few as a treat....yummmm

Stay tuned for the giveaway winner tomorrow


  1. Oh my, the cuteness! I love the idea of a peg people craft together. This may be something I get my mama friends together to do.

  2. All of those curly locks - lucky peg people. The peg-folk are darling! And hair-envy producing.

  3. So sweet, we kept bees for 15 years. cheers Marie

  4. That little bee will be pleased with the fresh honey :) so sweet, all of them.

  5. Oh how sweet!! I love your peg people!! I found your darling blog on Natural Suburbia =)


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