Sunday, May 29, 2011

Natural Alternatives: detoxing the home

Today while my little one slept I put together a natural cleaning kit, inspired by ecomilf and Chemical Free Kids.

I  LOVE the smell of my new bench spray - (white vinegar and peppermint essential oil) it is so refreshing and even more reassuring to know that I can breathe in the scent!

We made the shift from commercial cleaning products about a year ago and instead use enyo (micro fibre cloths) and eco/green brands without nasty chemicals. I always ensure that a product is free of parabens, SLS (and many other things) as well as fragrance. In the case fragrance is listed on the packaging, I don't buy the product, unless it states that the fragrance is an essential oil. This goes for all personal care products not just cleaning products. 

Fabric softener is something that is full of fragrance and what's even worse is that is designed to stay in your clothes so that it makes them "smell fresh and clean".  Instead I use white vinegar and lavender essential oil - it leaves our clothes smelling so lovely. You can add some bi carb as well - however I find it just as easy and effective to pour in a little vinegar and drop in a few drops of essential oil. 

Pop over here to read an article on detoxing the home from Home Beautiful Magazine.

If you are new on this "natural" journey.......why not reconsider plastics?

“One of the main group of chemicals in plastics is phthalates, which are xenoestrogens and have been linked to breast cancer and young infants developing things like precocious puberty,” says Dr Dingle. Avoid microwaving anything in plastic, and consider switching to glass, ceramic and stainless-steel containers. Paper, cellophane and aluminium foil are alternatives for wrapping food. Rethink non-stick pans At very high temperatures, these have been shown to release chemical toxins and gases. Despite assurance from government and industry that there is no danger to consumers, Dr Dingle advocates the use of stainless-or surgical-steel cooking products. Reassess pest control “I’m very against using insect sprays or bombs, especially in the kitchen,” says Robin. “They pollute the air and their residues get on benches and into our food.” She suggests investing in good flywire screens, ensuring your kitchen is clean of any food scraps at night, and using natural baits.  

Always read the label...don't just rely on the front of the packaging and do your research. if you can't pronounce an ingredient, perhaps you shouldn't be inhaling it.....

Why not give it a go - I promise you, once you change, you won't go back.


  1. We don't use commercial cleaners, either. Generally I make our laundry detergent but when I'm feeling too lazy, I use Vaska.

    I like to use wintergreen (because I don't have peppermint), eucalyptus, clove, tea tree, and lavender oils (not all together, obviously).

  2. Love your informative post! We've been using vinegar, water, and baking soda for most cleaning jobs for some time, and we're really pleased with the results. When I think about the Saturday morning smells of ammonia and stove cleaner and bleach and faux-pine overload from my childhood... *shiver*!

  3. what a sparkly clean sink you have..and a peeping violet! x

  4. My mum used to be a childcare center cleaner and I (as a child and teenage) used to go with her to help. I can vividly recall the smells of all the chemicals that we would use in the centers, how I would sneeze and find it hard to breathe and how mum's hands would get red and inflammed.

    Even now the smell of bleach makes me ill, I can't stand it. The complex we live in just recently poured bleach everywhere to kill moss growing on the pathways and I remarked to my partner how pungent and awful it was (he barely noticed) mean while I've used vinegar in our courtyard and it's done the trick. In our house we use eco friendly pre brought cleaners or bi carb and vinegar...nothing cleans the stove as well as bi carb!


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