Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flowers, fabric and other good things

Hope you all had a lovely mothers day.
 .we celebrated with lots of flowers. 

We have been enjoying lovely sunny days at home.......although its getting a little cool at night now. 

I found this lovely wooden leaf plate from our local second hand shop over the weekend. I was so excited to have found a wooden leaf in autumn! I am loving its simplicity with autumn leaves and other things from our nature walks. 

The little one has just today taken a liking to the doll I made her many months ago. 
Molly as she has today become known, has been very well cared for. 

She was offered a bowl of strawberries, and in fact, many other meals in her highchair. 

She was also given a bath in a basket 

Molly is still adjusting to being carried by the hair and legs

 Although is feeling very loved with all the rolling around on the floor with the little one.  

Oh .....some fabric arrived today. Oh how much I love fabric. This lot was from Kelani Fabric Obsession. There is nothing quite like going into a fabric store...don't you think. Well since having my little one there is actually something almost as good....a fabric shop online (much more relaxing than chasing a wee one around)

I ordered this over the weekend. It took me a good few hours to decide on what I wanted.

 I have plans for a few of the fabrics and the rest I am planning on looking at them and waiting for some inspiration. 

Love to hear what you have been up to....

Natalie x


  1. always so much beauty here, my friend:)

  2. also, I love the doll!! well done:)

  3. All those flowers are so beautiful! How adorable that your little girl is loving the doll you made her:) I love the fabrics you've chosen, looking forward to seing what they become


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