Sunday, May 22, 2011

A place for everything and everything in its place.....

I picked up these shelves from a second hand shop (well actually an antique shop) yesterday for a bargain. I have been trying to find something similar for a while. I just love that they are the perfect size for my little one.

As those familiar with the Steiner way would know, it is important that every toy has its own place, rather than tossing all the toys into a toy box.
To me it shows our little one that we value the toys that we give her.
 It is also very aesthetically pleasing i think.

I found a kitchen stool at the same place...its actually an old school chair,. Its the perfect high for feeding my little one in the high chair and of course a little blogging.....I just love it. 

I also made Molly a new little night dress and also 'refreshed' her bunches yesterday
(after all the picking up by the hair that has been happening)

If you haven't already, pop over here for a little giveaway I am hosting....
Have a great Sunday x


  1. Those shelves are a great find! I agree I love when our toys are in order. These types of toys are beautiful in themselves and it does look really nice to have they arranged on shelves.

  2. So many things to love in these photos, your rag rug, Molly's stroller blanket, your beautifully crisp kitchen with matching mixer, I love the photos of other people's homes, yours looks wonderfully warm!

  3. My big girl named the first doll I made for her Molly..
    Fab find on the stool and shelves, I love the little crochet blanket, did you make it?

  4. The shelves seem just perfect! -- Kathy at

  5. Oh I just love visiting your blog. The shelves are perfect and the toys look well presented on there. Jane:) PS if you love waldorf mama you should definitely save the flickr set as a fave, then sit and watch the slide show, it's heaps better than watching TV! Jane:)

  6. What a great find! I have almost given up finding some shelves that are low enough for toddlers to reach easily. I'm thinking I may have to build some. I love glimpses into other waldorf families homes, thanks for sharing!

  7. Shannon, I bought the little blanket at the coffee market (end of term) to raise money for Japan, couldn't resist and a good cause.


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