Monday, June 13, 2011

I've been working on...

Last week I attended the first session of a doll making class with Carla de Jong
Carla has been making dolls (and the most amazing woodwork) for many years and also herself attended a Steiner school in Holland. 
So I have been keen to go along and learn some of her traditional techniques. 

The course runs for 4 weeks (one night per week) and you make two dolls - one soft and one limbed doll...ALL BY HAND. Yes you read correctly, every single bit is hand stitched!

I have already almost finished my first doll - hope to have it finished by the end of class tomorrow night.

I love taking classes to learn new skills and try different techniques. I find the more you learn and practice, the more you are able to fine tune and create your own style.

In the meantime I made another little doll for a friends little one. My friend is expecting her second in a few months and I thought a special doll to care for may help with the big change of having a new baby in the house. 

As I drew the pattern freehand (although using Carla's specifications as a guide) she is not quite in proportion - her legs are way too long and arms a little puffy! I am refining my pattern.

Oh well I think she is sweet none the less, and I stuffed her middle with some lavender (thanks to the girls mum for the idea) so that she would help with sleeping (i hope anyway)

I also recently made the little birdie cushion, for one of my upcoming classes I am offering through my business ''. 

What have you been making/crafting?



  1. Love the little cushion and your doll is so sweet; I'm sure I wouldn't have noticed her minor improportions if you hadn't mentioned it! Do you get to work in Carla's fabulous workshop? - how cool does that look!

  2. Your creations are adorable! I actually borrowed a book from the library about making Waldorf dolls... now if I can just remember to take the book out and read it, it would be a great start! lol.

    I've been making lots of felt food for my kiddo's lately. Actually, I've been creating like mad! And tonight, I think I'm going to take my paints out and start on some little peg people. Creating is so much fun!

  3. She is just adorable! I'm sure she will be SO loved!

  4. She is lovely, just like your birdie cushion. Did you find a big difference between the way you made Molly and how Carla works? As you know I've been eager to make bub a doll for bub's first birthday but haven't managed it yet. I wanted to join Carla after seeing her crafts at the Christmas Market last year, but haven't been able to but I did email her and she was lovely. Did you see inside that glorious workshop?

  5. Such soft and whimsical creations. I am intrigued by the darling doll's hair. I don't think I've ever seen it done that way before. I love it! And that cushion! LOVE the play of embroidery, applique, buttons, and frayed edges. Dreamy :-)

  6. No-body is perfect, but that makes it unique.She is pretty.
    I have made a (smaller) doll and stuffed it with hops, that worked too.

  7. How adorable! And I absolutely adore that cushion, beautiful!


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