Friday, June 3, 2011

Making the switch....

From plastics 
stainless steel

From food from the supermarket, 
farmers markets and health food shops
Can you spot my new machine....yes its a thermomix - I am IN LOVE!

Today the little one enjoyed some imitative play with mummy - window washing.

Happy weekend


  1. Your wee one is getting so big! She's beautiful. I'm completely envious of your thermomix...I have coveted that machine for so day!
    Hope you are all well and have a delightful weekend : )
    (Stacey -

  2. The stainless storage containers are really nice, I will have to look for them here. I have never heard of a Thermomix, but you have given me something to investigate, very intriguing! Have a great Creative Friday, adorable picture of your little one, by the way!

  3. Recently switched all the gramerlings sippies to stainless steel.
    That adorable imp with the apron and brush is just to much!

  4. I've already started to replace some of my plastic containers and change to glass jars, but I'd love to have some stainless containers too... especially for my son's lunch box. Thanks for reminding me about this old goal that I had and somehow forgot all about ;)

    Your daughter is completely adorable by the way!

  5. what an adorable little window washer:) The stainless steel containers look great, I mainly use glass bowls with lids which are quite handy too

  6. We have the same cups!...a word of warning tho, they are not dishwaher safe if you want to keep the colours and pictures on them (otherwise you will just have plain stainless steel ones).
    Love that little apron on your sweet wee one.


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