Monday, June 27, 2011

Sleeping as though your life depended on it......

A while ago we started looking into what was in our mattresses. The more we read, the more we decided we didn't want our little one sleeping on a 'commerical mattress'.

"Most inner spring mattresses contain highly magnetised steel. Try this experiment at home - take a compass and gently pull it across your mattress in a straight line. If the needle moves more than 5 degrees, your exposure to a distorted magnetic field is high, as the bed considerably outdoes the Earth's own natural field.

Start with your bed and bedroom. Remove all electrical equipment to a least 1 and half metres from your bed. Ban electric blankets, clock radios, TVs and laptops in the bedroom and then look at what your mattress is made of. If it has metal coil inner springs begin the process to replace it."
Extract: Sleeping As Though Your LIfe Depended on it, Richard Giles

Another interesting read here - metal in mattresses

As with everything there are always two sides, however there seems no negative on sleeping on a 100% natural (wool & cotton) mattress, don't you think?

Here is the little one the day her mattress arrived, about 7 months ago. It may have been a coincidence, however the first night she slept on this mattress, was the first night she slept through (by sleeping through I mean only one breastfeed, which she is still having.....and I am wondering if she will ever voluntarily drop it!)

100% certified biodynamic wool inner and organic cotton outer. It is SO amazing to lay on. (I have tried!) We bought this mattress from Blessed Earth, based in Maleny, Queensland (Australia). It cost exactly the same as the mattress we had bought from one of the main baby shops here. 

As we are trying to move away from any synthetics in our home (as much as possible), we recently bought some wool pillows and a wool duvet. We are hoping to buy a wool matress for our bed when we move to our new home. 

Hope you find this interesting. Food for thought at least. Its always better to be an informed consumer. 


  1. Hooray for natural beds!

    We bought a cotton and wool mattress this winter from Soaring Heart (our local natural mattress makers) and we LOVE it. It's the best bed I've ever owned. It's so wonderful to sleep on a sweet-smelling natural mattress! :)

  2. I would never have thought to look at what my mattresses are made of. I'm going to go and look today


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