Thursday, June 9, 2011

Winter Warming Soup

Thought I would share our favourite soup, made from our delicious seasonal vegie box from Lettuce Deliver.  
The little one and I eat this almost everyday for lunch at the moment.

Gentle fry a red onion - I fry onion for my soups in coconut butter
Add about teaspoon of cumin
Once translucent and slightly browned add chopped veges 
(1-2 carrots, good wedge of pumpkin, handful of beans, 1-2 bulbs of fennel, 1 potato, 1-2 zucchinis/ courgettes, some mushrooms if at hand)

fry all together for a few minutes, adding a small amount of salt to taste
then cover with water
allow to cook for 15 or so mintues until veges are tender
just before taking off the heat, add some washed spinach and kale leaves
and my favourite bit......add some organic coconut cream or milk 
(as little or as much as you like...i usually add about 150mls)

Blend...I had my wonderful thermomix to do all the chopping and cooking and blending for me. 
what a treat!

Enjoy with a little salad

and a friend

 Easy, delicious and nutritious


  1. Thank you, I'll be copying that down for a Sunday soup sometime soon.


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