Friday, July 1, 2011

My doll so far....

Here is the second doll that I am making as a part of Carla de Jong's doll making course. 

I just love the way that Carla makes dolls. How clever is this....all limbs/ body and head are make with an inner and outer piece. 

This means that firstly the doll is firm and second that when sewing on the limbs you can close the inner limb and use the outer fabric of the limb to 'hide' the join


I will sew on its little arms tonight and perhaps start the hair. 
Carla is teaching us a new technique (well new to me) to do 'loopy' hair.  

And yes I have hand sewn this entire doll! 
Hand sewing is addictive.
Its not as hard as you think.

I bought these gorgeous felted dairies the other day from Michelle Macgregor of heartandsouleatwork

Aren't they gorgeous.
The brightly colour one is for the big girl as she has just started learning her letters
One of the others will be my book for the Vital Years Conference I am attending next week. 
Can't wait! 


  1. Love the diaries. SO beautiful. Your doll is adorable already.


  2. love the diaries great idea! The doll looks like it is already loved!

  3. Your doll is looking gorgeous:)

  4. Are you finished making that doll? You should think of a new name for it! I think you should name it Sewy, since everything is hand sewn! How creative your hands are! How are you planning to dress the doll, anyway?

    `Chris Jeffery


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