Monday, August 15, 2011

Making progress....

I am slowly emerging from the fog of moving and renovating......our kitchen is still a work in progress, my laundry is a washing machine in the middle of the garage emptying into a garbage bin and a few rooms are yet to be painted. All that said we are loving our new home. It is amazing how much different it feels to our other house. Its like this house has a story and a soul.....I love it. 

Here are some pictures to date......

I LOVE my window...we picked it up from a place selling salvaged building materials

I have managed to squeeze in cooking classes amongst all the chaos with Shakti - the holistic chef. WOW. That is all I can say. I am attending a series of workshops on things such as superfoods, grains & beans, soups & stews, tasty treats. We don't cook, instead Shakti talks to us in detail about the key ingredients, how to use them and the best bit you get to taste about 10 dishes.

Oh and did I mention Shakti feeds us an amazing homecooked organic meal on arrival!

I have learnt so much and hoping to start to share this new way of cooking with you soon. Gluten free - using lots of ancient grains and wholefoods. So nourishing and just delicious. 

Oh and I couldn't post without leaving you with a few pictures of the little one....gee she is growing up fast. 


  1. Hello! I've been following your blog for a little while now, it's uch a source of inspiration for me! I am loving the progress of your house :) I has such a homey feel to it, it's going to be just beautiful.
    I have just started a blog, so feel free to come over and say hello. If you manage to find some time, that is!
    Take care x

  2. Your house is coming along beautifully! And I love your window! We use old patterned, wooden windows too and they give a certain old world ambience, dont you think?

  3. She is getting so big! love the chaos of your very own home. (love that window too)

  4. Too cute! I can't wait to hear what you cook up!


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