Monday, August 22, 2011

Tutorial: How to make a reusable cotton snack bag


Plastic bags are made from polymers derived from petroleum. Just 8.7 plastic checkout bags contain enough embodied petroleum energy to drive a car one kilometre.

I have recently discovered these fantastic reusable little snack pouches, which has meant I have been able to replace the use of snap lock plastic bags. 

These have been great for snacks such as nuts/seeds/ dried fruit/ crackers and even a damp cloth (that travels with me always) to wipe messy fingers.

So I decided that I would have a go at making some of my own.
Now as you can imagine with a renovation and moving house, I have not had time to pick up needle and thread for at least 6 weeks, so this was such a treat to sit down and sew (despite a million other things around the house needing attention)

These ones are obviously not water proof, you could make them out of oil cloth, however as it would probably have some form of PVC I would not recommend as it will be in contact with food.

These little snack bags are sealed using velcro.
There are probably a million ways to make them, however this is the way that came to me when I sat down the make one the other day - so feel free to add any adjustments! 

I hope this is useful.... and if you make one, please link your blog, i'd love to see

You will need:
100% cotton fabric
Cotton tape & embroidery thread (optional - to make tag)
sewing machine/thread/scissors

Take two pieces of 100% cotton fabric
pre wash in natural washing liquid - so no harmful chemicals/ residue

Place patterned sides together

Sew using machine around the edge of the fabric, leave a small opening 
(enough to turn inside out - say 2 inches)

-- make sure you backstitch on the machine at the beginning 
and ending of stitching to give extra strength--

Turn inside out, so patterned side of fabric facing out and seams are hidden inside 

Stitch opening closed
-- I prefer to hand stitch, however you could use machine--

Take a piece of velcro. 
I cut in half length ways to make it narrower - you only need the velcro to be 0.5cm (1/4inch) wide otherwise little fingers will find it too hard to open. 

Place on fabric at opposite ends, leaving approx. 0.5cm (1/4inch) of fabric either side with no velcro
Pin in place

Sew velcro in place using machine, with a row of stitches on the top and bottom of each piece of velcro

Repeat for the other side

Fold fabric in half so that both pieces of velcro are facing out

Sew along both sides
It is best not to sew on the velcro and yet not too close to the edge

 Turn inside out so that the seams are hidden inside,
you may need to gently push the corners out with something sharp

You may like to sew a little name tag using some cotton tape and embroidery thread.....

You are finished!
Now hide some tasty treats in there and enjoy knowing that you are helping the environment 
and have made something sweet for your little ones. 

Turn inside out to wash - by hand or washing machine


Thanks for your sharing your thoughts. I love hearing from you and will respond to any questions in the comments sections. Natalie

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