Thursday, September 15, 2011

Real food....

I have talked a few times recently about wholefoods. 
Wholefood means so many things to so many people. 

For me it is a way of eating to ensure that every mouthful 
you eat is the most nutrient dense as possible. 

I am currently reading Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

I have also been reading a lot about Weston A Price. 

Since having my daughter I have lost a lot of weight. 
As you may know I breastfed her for about 17 months 
and during so much of that time I felt weak and exhausted. 
I constantly felt like I was 'running on empty'. 
It didnt matter how much I ate.
I tried so many supplements and protein powders, 
however nothing really made me feel like I used to. 

Until now.......

My mum put me in contact with a wonderful nutritionist, Emma 
- take a peek at her blog 'Living in the Sunshine'.

I am excited to say that after almost 6 months on rice and almond milk,
 we are back to eating real natural (raw) diary. YUM!

It is through Emma that I have met another amazing lady, Soulla Chamberlain, 
creator and owner of Star Anise Wholefoods......
Soulla makes and sells 'traditional wholefoods for a modern world'. 

Here are some of the yummy things I bought the other day from her home kitchen:

organic lacto fermented pastry
organic chicken and beef stock (which Soulla recommends drinking a cup of each day)
the most delicious sweet treats (sugar and guilt free!)
and pate.....yum and OH SO good for you. 

It feels so good to eat this way and to finally feel full, nourished and healthy!

Another interesting read is Sweet Poison 
fascinating learning about how toxic fructose is.....

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