Thursday, October 6, 2011

[In our kitchen]

In our kitchen.....

a little one making pastry

fresh milk

one very cute handmade pinnie I found at the second hand markets

shelling (and eating) fresh peas

new shelves

lacto fermented beets

three little girls
homemade play dough 
and a sprinkling of glitter

lacto fermented ketchup

A new hand knitted scarf from my sister

Homemade organic spelt apple, cinnamon and maple muffins

A gigantic hole.....where some stairs will hopefully be very very soon

[What's happening in your kitchen?]


  1. Those photos of your daughter are the pinnie....
    Our kitchen tonight was covered in flour from making pizza for our daughter and her friends to celebrate her 15th birthday......lucky they were so yummy....the pizza that is xox Jo

  2. How cute those baking pictures are.:0)
    I kind of miss having little kids to bake with. My big guys still bake with me, but little ones are so much more excited about it.
    In my kitchen my husband was cooking tonight. He is a great cook and I really appreciate his cooking.
    I will be busy in the kitchen this weekend ,as we have Thanksgiving here in Canada.
    Have a wonderful day!✿

  3. Whoah! That hole looks ominous.
    LOVE the pinnie, muffins, your kitchen and glitter!
    I wrote a post on 'Shelling Peas' a while back, love the way it sounds...
    Fermented Tomato sauce- will have to look further into that. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great pictures! Looks like someone was enjoying some yummy food:)

    The ketchup picture is very interesting. How do you make homemade Ketchup??? I'd love to have some without all the junk in it.


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