Saturday, October 1, 2011

Taking time.....


a bag for our bread

using my favourite Heather Ross 'far far away' fabric

and a hand towel

Sauerkraut using fresh cabbage from our local farmers market


the sunroom


3 little hand carved wooden stamps and gorgeous paper


a gift of jars from my Pop - they were my Grandma's. 
carefully hidden in an old wooden tea chest wrapped in newspaper dated 1968

a GORGEOUS knitted cardigan from Grandma sent all the way from the UK


more treasures at op shops 
little china cups for my little one


Almost everything in this picture has been sourced from second hand shops. 
Its so lovely to make do with gorgeous, character filled things from the past, don't you think?

Thanks for stopping by.....hope you all have a restful weekend.


  1. i love this post! Your picture are beautiful and this post reminds me to continue to enjoy all the little things in life :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Such prettiness in all these everyday things! I did lots of sauerkraut making recently. And have many things for the kitchen on my to make list. And I love that so far away across the oceans you have the same chairs at your table that we do :)

  3. Great pictures, I love second hand shops, one does find such treasures. cheers Marie

  4. You have such lovely spaces, it's lovely to see your creations. We have had some luck on freecycle and at op shops recently too. I love giving items once loved a new home again. Warm wishes to you all x

  5. I'm in love with your beautifully curved sun room! If it's positioned right and you get the winter sun, it will be the best spot on a cold wintery morn!

  6. Beautiful photos.....I have never made sauerkraut (wasn't sure of my spelling of it) but I love all things purple so I think I will give it a try. Thanks for sharing xox Jo

  7. I little spike of envy surged at the sight of your sunroom... it is ok tho I have it under control. :)


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