Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little chicks

After many months of thinking about it and then thinking against it, WE GOT CHICKENS! 

We decided to buy 7 week old chicks so that we could raise them 'organically' before they begin to lay eggs - to ensure our eggs were as nutritious as possible.  Usually chickens (well these chickens) begin to lay around 22 weeks, so it looks like our fresh eggs are a little way off...... 

Here are our girls......four little red(ish) hens and two little black ones......all yet to be named. They are hybrids - the red ones, a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a White leghorn and the black ones, a cross between a Rhode Island Red and an Australorp.

Although I had wanted my other half to build the coup, he decided that the materials would cost more than purchasing an 'IKEA' style flat packed coup, which was apparently ergonomically designed for chickens ;)
So we ended up with this very fancy looking chicken cage......my dad (who lives in the 'bush'), is looking forward to showing his mates what city chicks live in! 

A homemade wooden hand rail the perfect height for our little one to go up and down and visit the chicks 

 Thanks Sal, Mel and Shannon for all the advice

If you have chickens and any advice or tips.....please do share :)


  1. Lovely chickens! I have some myself and if you handle them a lot when really young like they are now they will grow up to be fairly tame.

    One recommendation- You will need to protect against predators digging underneath the enclosure by placing large decorative rocks around the sides or something like that.


  2. That is gonna be a whole lotta eggs, those hybrids are prolific egg layers once they get going! Looking forward to cute little one/chook pics!

    1. When we built our coop (not nearly as beautiful as yours) it had that lovely layer of grass inside as well. Ahhhhh. Sadly it won't last long. Our entire chicken area (about 20' x 20') is mud at the moment. Granted, it is winter here in the Pacific Northwest. The grass gets eaten and eventually just scratched and stomped entirely away. Inside the coop we lay straw while inside the house we keep wood shavings (which makes clean-up easier and creates a fresher internal environment). The laying boxes we pad with hay (because the straw can host parasites which aren't good for the hens to snuggle down into). Maybe you already know all that :)
      I think the main thing with new chicks is what Tonya mentioned - handle them! They'll make better pets that way in the end. That and predator deterring. We have actual locks on our coop doors after hearing horror stories about very clever raccoons and the gruesome things of which they're capable.
      Enjoy your new little flock! They're a lot of fun.

  3. So cute. Hope we get over there soon to meet them- and maybe try an egg!! xx m.

  4. Where did you get that coop? It's lovely!

  5. That is a wonderful coop! Good luck with your chicks!


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