Thursday, January 26, 2012

My sewing table....

I finished off this little doll on our recent farm stay holiday (I hope to share some pictures soon)

She is mix of many techniques that I have learnt over the past year. The body itself was constructed using a little pattern from Carla de Jong. Carla makes all her dolls by hand (no sewing machine!) and I can say that this little doll is no different. It actually isn't as crazy as it sounds......I find cotton/bamboo velour very hard to sew on the machine as it moves so easily, so by hand was much easier. 

Thanks to the very talented Shannon for the inspiration for the little dress :)

I tried a new technique for her hair

I have just started crocheting Molly another wig (hair)....the first was my very first attempt of crochet and is a little holey.  

More peg dolls. I have just opened my ETSY store, currently only one item for sale, however exciting none the less. I hope to add more of the things I make and a few little kits soon. Currently working on some butterfly peg people (inspired by these ones I made for a swap a while back). 

I am also in the middle of creating a little felt chicken pattern.....I hope to share a tutorial with you once I have finished. 


  1. She's lovely!
    And, looking at the last pic, it reminded me that I never thanked you for the lovely Violet Doll kit that I won through Natural Suburbia some time ago. I finally received it during my visit to Germany over the holidays and had great fun making her. My daughter adores her and she appears in many stories at our house. Thanks!
    I just gave you some 'love' on Etsy as well.
    Cheers, Andrea

  2. Wonderful doll, just beautiful, and peg dolls should be a good seller, chers Marie

  3. Beautiful doll. She looks so squishy!

  4. so cute...I love her nose too!!! Good luck with the Etsy store. xox Jo

  5. What a delightful doll, she is such a cute size!


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