Friday, February 10, 2012

Meal times in our home...

For breakfast and dinner we sit at our dining table and have our meals together......that being said usually it is only my little one and I on weekdays.

this gorgeous little teacup was made by my dear friend Liz - take a look at her MADEIT store

My little one helps to set the table while I finish breakfast - a very simple table setting, handmade placemats and our cutlery.

When we are all sitting up at the table, I light our candle (made from beeswax) and then we sing our good morning song with some simple hand goes  

Good morning dear earth and good morning dear sun

Good morning tall trees and the flowers each one
Good morning to the animals and the birds and the bees

Good morning to you and good morning to me. 

We then hold hands and say: Blessings on this meal and peace upon the earth, Amen. 

This may seem a little strange to some people, however I find it brings a lovely calmness to our meals. The candle burning keeps my little one focused and there is the excitement that at the end of the meal, the candle needs to be snuffed. 

Snuffing a candle is much safer for children that blowing (where their is risk of the wax spraying) and children just LOVE to use the snuffer. 

We picked ours up at a local second hand/ antique shop for about $15. 

Our evening song is sung to the same tune, however these are the words that came to me one night when my little girl was requesting a song about the moon!

Good night dear earth and good night dear sun
Hello to the moon and the stars sparkling high
Hello to the night owl, who flies through the sky
Good night all little children, tucked up in bed
It's time to have dinner and then go to sleep.

If your meal times are a little crazy or you have little ones that don't like to eat.....make meal times something to look forward to. Something else which I think makes all the difference is eating with your child and eating the same meal as your child. 


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  1. We also love lighting a candle at meal times. It makes meal time instantly special and if my little one doesn't care to eat, mentioning the candle always gets him to the table.


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