Sunday, February 12, 2012

Op shop finds.....

I LOVE op shop shopping....don't you? 

I have been trying to de-clutter and hence not popping into this gorgeous little op shop my friend recently discovered. 

Anyhow...yesterday I went and this is what I found.... 

It's an old meat safe, over 100 years old

I love old fairy books and especially buttons...Aren't these so sweet

Some things for my wee one....a small flour sieve, enamel rice container, tambourine and a little spoon for some creative play.

the most interesting looking egg basket I have ever seen. As we now have chickens I decided that this was a must!

What have you found lately?


  1. What incredible treasures you found!!! So much goodness. That meat safe is INCREDIBLE. Here's a sentence I never thought I'd write: I have meat safe envy ;-)

  2. wow...that was a great op shop outing....great goodies. I did happen to find the complete set of the 70's craft magazine, GOLDEN HANDS last week on that is my find for a while as I am trying (ha) to de-clutter too!!!

  3. Such great finds! I just went to my local thrift store on Friday and found some beautiful fabrics, some wood blocks and a vintage pyrex bowl with toadstools on it. I also got a travel tiffin pack that my friend was getting rid of, she gave me a great deal ;)

  4. You found such wonderful items, I love the egg basket and look forward to seeing the photo's of it full of eggs : ) I went thrifting the other day for bowls...for our chooks to eat and drink from : )

  5. Nothing! absolutely nothing! humpf.

  6. Oh wow, the op-shop gods have definitely looked after you lately! x

  7. oh wow (oops jodi already said that!) but seriously. all of that loveliness. . . but most of all, that meat safe!!!

    rachel xo


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