Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Apple picking in autumn

 We went for what is becoming our annual autumn outing - apple picking.

a new bonnet - made using this pattern for the occasion 

easter games and lots of songs

climbing trees with friends


  1. Great pictures!
    The girls look so cute with their red rubber boots!

  2. another post which makes me wish I had a little girl to make things for. lovely dress, beautiful photos.

  3. Such a sweet bonnet. Your photos are really cute. The littles remind me of mine not too long ago!!! Glad to have found your blog. I can tell I'll be spending some more time here!!

  4. looks like a great, fun kind of day and so exciting for little ones....love the photos xox Jo

  5. Gorgeous photos! I'd be smiling that big too if I had her red wellies. Those are awesome!

  6. Your bloggy is so precious! I love your sweet little blondies! Your crafts are too adorable also!

    Samantha (Woodland Woolens)


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