Sunday, March 4, 2012

a birthday, a tidy up and some creating

Life has been keeping me busy lately. A birthday celebration, so much nesting, many MANY hours spent in the kitchen and a bit of crafting.

Some images of our days to perhaps inspire some creating, tidying or baking of your own.
 Only a few words as it is late and I need an early night!

Our birthday celebration - a handmade crown by me and some handmade candles by Dad

Finally......some order in my craft room. 

Very grateful for my new shelf (actually from my bedroom as a child just restored a little)

Gorgeous pom poms by Tiddley pom parties for the birthday celebration 

Some tins covered in the most gorgeous paper. 

A few more....

Thanks Meagan for the idea - colourful tealights.....some creating with my little one. 

the finished product....burning on our window sill

Never too many quiches.... so delicious (even if I do say so)

Chasing chickens for their bedtime


  1. What a beautiful studio and lovely home you have. Happy Birthday to the little one! The crown is darling.

    Thank you for the bunny kit. We just received it yesterday and I'm excited to make them!


  2. Birthing day blessings to you both.
    Love the light and air and SPACE! in yoru craft spot - jealous I am!
    Beautiful tins.
    Silly girl, don't you know chickens will put themselves to bed at dusk! xx

  3. Happy Birthday to you all, and blessings for your wee girl. Your craft room is wonderful, such a lovely space for creating. We wait for or girls to go to bed and then close the door for them, though sometimes bub insists that we put them to bed which results in much chasing : )

  4. Birthday blessings to your little one.

    And I have crafting room envy now. A whole ROOM! It is beautiful :-)

  5. Nat, what kind of cake is the wee ones birthday cake? It looks scrumptious!

  6. So beautiful room!
    I just ADMIRE women who have many kids and do needlework! That's amazing!

    God bless you and your family :)!


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