Friday, July 27, 2012

These days.....

I wear my Milly close to me. Just where she used to be. 

I wear a Sakura Bloom Silk Sling in Amber


  1. Oh Natalie, congratulations on beautiful little Millicent. She looks divine in your sling! I saw a book at Dymocks yesterday called "Millicent and Meer" - about a little girl and a meerkat. A future Christmas or birthday present perhaps? x

  2. I love wearing my babies especially when they are so tiny tiny - feels very right. Love your sling

  3. Beautiful photo and what a gorgeous sling...I've seen them modelled on Jodi @ Che and Fidel. I have a few Sleepy wraps and a Hugabub that I love. Joy lived in them for the first six months...she's only just starting to lay down for naps. It's always felt completely natural for me to carry my babies all day long.


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