Wednesday, July 18, 2012


In the few spare minutes I have these days when both girls are asleep at the same time, I try to prepare dinner, keep up with the never ending mountain of washing and tidy up the house. I now think what did I do with all the time I had with only one child! When I sit feeding my tiny Milly I think of all the things I would like to do when I have time - I remember doing the same when feeding Abigail in those early months. After the endless thinking about all the things I would like to cook and the many things I would like to sew, I have been thinking about this space.  (And that's just when I am not watching her sweet little face and listening to her tiny soft squeaks and murmurs that make my heart melt.)

This blog started out as being a creative outlet for me to share my crafts, our days, recipes and my thoughts on living a 'conscious' life. I go back and forth about whether It should have more of a theme or if i should continue as I begun.  I still have not decided. At the moment, I have enough to keep me busy and away from the computer however it is nice to have a place to be able to share the favourite bits of our life when I have time. 

So in the meantime, please keep stopping by every now and then - it is lovely to read your comments - and enjoy these pictures that the amazing Tim Coulson recently took of our family .... 3 days before Milly arrived into our home and our life. 


  1. Simply stunning photos, what lovely memories to capture.

    I understand the thinking about your space, especially when you are forced to stop, go slower. It's a lovely time, enojy.

  2. I just found your blog through 'Raising Master Max.' I just had to say..oh my goodness, your daughter is just beautiful and so are your pictures!! Now I will have a wander around the rest of your blog:)

    Bec from

  3. Sigh. Such beautiful photos. Simple. Powerful.

    Did you knit the Striped Smock Top yourself? I LOVE that pattern, and have knit up 3 of them now. The colours in yours are so beautiful. And your little one, oh my goodness but she is gorgeous!


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