Saturday, July 28, 2012

vintage finds

Today my sister and I (and Milly) ventured to a local market to sell a mound of clothes that we had been hanging on to for (way too) many years. Of course I found a little stall just across from ours selling beautiful vintage things. 'Of course you did' said Oliver. I have a weakness for anything pretty and old. These came home with Milly and me.

The little glasses have such pretty detail and are made in Italy. My favourite would have to be the plates, they have gorgeous gold that is so delicately worn.

Best of all, they have all been used, loved and now come with their story locked inside to bring some beauty to our everyday.


  1. Beautiful finds Natalie - I have ventured into the world of trying to sell some of our no longer needed stuff this year and always manage to come home with a treasure or two

  2. er, this is funny, but i own the perfect matching glasses for red wine and i just gave glasses with the same pattern to my mil. on my glasses it says "bohemia", but i think it is a common pattern.

    greetings from germany!


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