Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ever feel like you get nothing done....

Me and Milly in the first few weeks after the birth......its not the best quality picture, but I love it.
I do. Today was one of those days. My big girl was at family daycare and still I feel like I achieved so little. I have so many things I want to do. Things I need to do. When I sit feeding Milly my mind races with all these things. I feel like I spend all my time thinking and no time doing. But that is life at the moment I know and I should love it and I do love it. Its just I don't love the no time to myself bit.

I am itching to make another doll. Don't ask me why. We certainly don't need any more dolls. I just love making them! I am working on a birthday crown for a dear little girl who is turning one very soon and have stitched and unstitched it about 3 times now........just no time to be creative. I need to make needle felted bees for playgroup plus still have to finish writing those thank you cards.

And when I do get a spare minute here and there, I feel guilty if I do anything for 'me', especially sewing and blogging.

Why am I telling you all this you ask? Well I don't want to have one of those blogs that portrays their life as perfect. My blog is somewhere I like to share and remember the beautiful bits of life, yes, however I want to be real too.

I got dinner* on the table - I guess that is something right?

Oh and thank you for the wonderful response to my Traditional Food Series. It is so lovely to hear from everyone who commented and shared their thoughts. Please do check back if you have a question as I respond in the comments section. I will continue to post hopefully at least 2 recipes per week.

Have you entered my giveaway?

* we had this fish soup


  1. Yes. I constantly feel as if I get absolutely nothing done. In fact, I often feels that i'm running into the negative of getting things done. I remember that feeling, while i was breastfeeding. i had to remind myself to breathe, stop thinking of my babies as 'chores to tick off a list', and enjoy that moment. and don't feel guilty, please. ;)sarah

  2. I remember that feeling. It's the second child thing, I reckon. Nothing sucks away every spare minute like a newborn AND a toddler. Go easy on yourself - the time to do all that other stuff will come. (I often wonder how much I could have achieved if I'd had my POST-babies mindset a few years before they came along. Mountain-conquering, I tell you;) ) x

    1. All the time!

      I feel run off my feet feeding tummies and keeping up with the laundry ;)
      And then I want to "just be" with my little ones as well. So I end up getting not much done either. My expectations are very low at the that I don't feel frazzled if certain things aren't done.

      It's ok. Like you say...this is life right now. And in the blink of an eye it will change and we will have some space to breathe (and do some creative stuff).


  3. All the time!

    I feel run off my feet feeding tummies and keeping up with the laundry ;)
    And then I like to "just be" with my after cooking, cleaning and playing there's not much time to get my stuff done.

    But like you say, it's ok. This is how it is for the moment. And before we know it, it will all change and we'll have space to breathe and be creative again.

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend xx

  4. i know exactly how you feel. somedays i wonder if i have achieved anything and i only have a toddler to deal with. i agree with Greer, go easy on yourself, one day you will have all day to sew, a clean house and an empty washing basket.

  5. I feel the same with only one little lady at the moment. I never seem to get enough done. Though I have started to remedy this with making a list and hightlighting the top three things of the day, after that anything is a bonus!! I have to remember also though I have a lot more time now than when bub was a newborn! I often feel guilty about blogging or crafting but I also have noticed that when I don't do either, I feel a bit empty. Hope you get some more crafting in soon. x


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