Thursday, August 9, 2012

meal planning anyone?

making favourite recipe here

What a with two children is certainly a little more hectic than one. I am finding my rhythm a little more day by day, however getting all of us out of the house before 9am is a real struggle - especially trying to fit in a shower, emptying the dishwasher, make breakfast (eggs), pack a lunch box, amongst other things.

Abbie attends a lovely Steiner inspired family daycare two days a week and although it is lovely to have some time to myself, I never seem to get much time to myself after the washing, tidying, cleaning and cooking is done. I always have grand plans to sew this and that, however now with my Milly, I have resigned myself to the fact that it is just not happening at this stage of life. 

Just getting the washing done, a walk to the park or visit to a friend and a nourishing meal on the table are my daily goals...... and a cup of tea is a bonus. 

Given my passion for nutrition and wanting to make super nutritious meals for my family all the time, I seem to spend all my time managing the contents of my fridge, meal planning and cooking. At first when we started to eat like this I was really overwhelmed about how I was going to cook meals with very limited or no grain/ legumes, incorporating bone broth and meat and do this 7 nights a week! 

But I can say that after about a year I am feeling confident that I am doing it and have decided to share what I have learnt with you. As a mama* the most helpful thing I would have found when embarking on eating real food, would have been an achievable meal plan. Something that can be done and doesn't require a million ingredients. Something that takes into account what you may have left over from a previous meal and will be able to use for the next and hence save time.

My big girl is off on an adventure with her Dad this weekend, so Milly and I are looking forward to some more time together and hopefully I shall get a moment to write up my first meal plan for 7 days. Is this something you would use? I'd love to know what you think. Even if you don't usually comment, come on, join in the conversation! 

* Well as Abbie's mama, she has taken to calling me "mama" since yesterday. and not just calling it once, saying it continuously even when I am looking right at her.  My sweet girl is getting cheeky. 


  1. Your big girl sounds a bit like mine : )

    I would be intrested! I find I am forever balancing the kitchen, between buying, cooking and cleaning. I have a spreadsheet with tabs denoting breakfast, lunch and dinner which has become a bit of a library to go to and then a tab for the meal planner for the fortnight. I still am finding my footings though and wonder if there is a better way. Look forward to seeing your planner : ) Have a lovely time with your wee one. x

    (also I sent you an email, do you still use the same one sorry?)

    1. I think its the "twos" I don't like to call them terrible because what you say is what you get.... But they def like to push things a little more hey! Oh I'm shocking with my emails at the best of times, however with my little Milly who although is an angel at night loves to be in her mama's arms during the day means not much time. You should have a reply waiting for you right now. Lovely to hear from you. xx

  2. I'd love to see your mealplanner too. Need some inspiration over here these days.

  3. we have just decided to start trying for another baby and it has me wondering how i will go keeping the nourishing meals coming seven times a week, not to mention breakfast and lunch, with two little ones. i seem to be flat out juggling the contents of my fridge and cooking everything from scratch with just one child. i was very inspired and impressed the other day when you posted about how you make an osso buco to last you and abbie a few lunchtimes. i ate cheese sandwiches everyday for lunch for nearly two years as i just couldn't get it together after having jess to make a proper lunch.
    i tried meal planning earlier this year and stuck to it really well and it really worked for me. my partner works overseas for weeks on end and last time he was away i got out of the meal planning routine. time to get back into it i think. looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    1. I know the feeling Jo. I find getting them into bed as early as possible and doing a little prep work in the evening makes for a smooth and easy next day. Making a slow cooked meal is super easy and means there is always something on hand. I also find homemade stocks in the freezer make meal times easier and very nourishing - I will be sharing some of my tips in my meal planner, hopefully these will be useful. How very exciting to be adding to your family - blessings xx

  4. Hi,
    I am quite new to your blog, it's lovely! I am totally going through the same process at the moment, trying to be more organised and planning our dinners two weeks ahead, as we live out of town and go shopping for our main items once a fortnight. Would love to hear how you go.

    1. Hi Danielle, welcome! and thank you :) Hopefully I can provide some coming soon! x

  5. Id love to see your meal plans! I know what you mean by spending all your time in the pantry/fridge/food/planning etc - its all out of love though! Im getting confused all the time lately with all the different approaches to nutrition! So why not add yours to the mix! Hopefully itll appeal to me :) I like to see that were getting enough protein, fat & carbohydates, but also nutrient rich too. I also am still undecided on sweetners (whats best honey, maple, rice syrup, stevia, raw sugar, brown sugar? Does it make a difference?) Gosh, I could go on - it is all quite mind boggling when you get down to the nitty gritty. So Id love to hear your words of wisdom :)
    This is my first visit to your blog I found you via Che & Fidel in the comments section and your comments about kale and traditional nutrition had me curious.
    Thanks Cassie

    1. Hi Cassie,

      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. So lovely to hear someone else feels the same way. Yes it is so confusing - I am actually going to start nutrition degree shortly so that I understand human physiology a little more.

      Regarding sugar, good question - read this (it is long but a worthwhile)
      I try to use only coconut sugar, honey and maple. But they are all sugar essentially. One thing - stay clear from agave - that is rubbish.

      I will try to post something on sugar in the coming weeks.....

  6. Thanks Natalie,

    Im very interested thats for sure. Ive never worked with coconut sugar, will have to hunt some down. I also like maple syrup. I read that article thanks for sharing that and that blog looks interesting too - Ill check it out. Well Ill keep reading your posts, meanwhile I see you have a fish stock recipe posted. Now i have never bought a fish head before! But Im willing to try - a lot of this is new to me :)



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