Monday, August 20, 2012


Today we spent the morning with a friend. We walked to the local second hand shop with our little ones, breathed in the fresh air and exchanged stories of our week. I left with a few treasures.

We spend the afternoon in our garden, while I fed Milly and managed perhaps one row of another granny square (and some photographing), my big girl played - first in the sandpit, then with her new rainbow umbrella and finished by collecting and then opening our mail.

Once back inside I made some delicous organge jelly, no added sweetener and good quality bovine gelatin (a true superfood)....listening to this with my baby in my arms and Abbie playing with her molly........but I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.

My lounge is still covered in washing......perhaps I'll get to folding that tomorrow.

Stop by tomorrow for a cup of tea and I share a recipe with you.

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  1. It was a lovely morning, pity there aren't more little treasure shops within walking distance...or perhaps that's a good thing :)
    I think the new brolly might get a workout by Wednesday :(

  2. That looks like a delightful Monday. Fine weather you are having there :) sarah

  3. We've been getting out in the garden the last few days - me to knit, the girls to rearrange the wood pile and pick under-ripe lemons ;) Can't wait for more warmth and longer days outdoors xx

  4. What fantastic photographs. Looks like a lovely day.


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