Saturday, August 18, 2012

Not tonight

Popping in to say hi. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Today we got up and out the door by 9am(which is pretty rare for us on a weekend) to go to a market......that turns out wasn't on!  Oh well, I got to crochet in the car there and back, so not a total waste of time.

If you follow me on facebook you would have seen that we made ice cream* this afternoon using this recipe from Holistic Kid - just delicious.

Oh I have so many things I would like to write about, however I am sitting in bed next to my little Milly who is sleeping in her basket, making those sweet little sounds she makes. I know she is going to wake soon and I really should get some rest before she does. Sleep - isn't it just the most desired thing for any mum.

I wanted to tell you about all the pictures I have been taking using the manual setting on my camera**, to let you know that I have almost finished that meal planner I spoke of here, to show you what I put in my big girls lunch box on family daycare days (as we all need lunchbox inspiration right!?), to talk about our rhythm at meal times and why it is so important for the young child, and to let you know I have an exciting giveaway coming up.

However tonight won't be the night I tell you. Maybe in the morning.
Wishing you all a good night (or day)

* And no you don't need an ice cream maker, just put the mixture in the freezer and after about 5 hours once it has semi set, take it out and wiz it up in a mixer of some sort for a few minutes and then pop it back in a glass pyrex (storage container) to completely set. that's it. easy peasy. no machine required. 

**thanks to Jodi from Che & Fidel and Tim Coulson for the inspiration


  1. haha way to keep me coming back for more!

  2. can't wait to see your pictures! and ice cream? i think i need a second freezer ;) sarah

  3. Your crochet square is lovely, I really must learn to crochet, it's so beautiful. Going to go and have a look at the ice cream recipe now.

    Take care


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