Thursday, September 20, 2012

a day in pictures

locked the keys in the car. thankfully I had taken both children out. unfortunate I decided to leave my phone in there too. thankful for the kindness of a shop keeper who lends their phone. so thankful to mum who can always make everything better. nrma arrived within 15 minutes. enough time to buy poppies.

my girl in the afternoon sun.

tea parties with little china tea set collected from the local op shop. sheep wool makes wonderful 'milk'. a vintage doily makes things pretty. shells make the perfect plates for our 'treats'.

afternoon snack. nourishing orange jelly cubes and my ricotta on sourdough. mmmmm.

strawberry poovie* smoothie for two. raw milk. raw cream. strawberries and a little honey.

the jelly jar. jelly cubes.

time out at the twilight markets to read.

more afternoon sunshine. to bed. you should be too. xo

* according to Abigail......hasn't quite got a handle on the letter "s"


  1. sometimes I fancy living your life for just a little bit..

  2. Mostly I think I'd just like to come and eat :)

  3. These are lovely photos of your day. The light looks soft and warm...much like the sound of your day (minus the keys being locked in the car bit!)
    We do tea parties here too :)


    PS. I made your pannacotta recipe tonight. Easy and delicious. I added a teeny bit more honey and blueberries.

  4. Your 'poovie' comment made me laugh. My son named them 'mooies' when he was learning to talk - he's three now and we still all call them 'mooies'. Have a feeling that name will be sticking around for many years to come! x


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