Thursday, September 6, 2012

these spring days

We have been getting outside and enjoying sunny afternoons on the lawn. Which has meant more time to practice shooting manual on my camera. I love the first image I captured of Abbie, with the afternoon sun just peeking through her fingers, and framing that chubby little face.

As I have been reading on so many blogs, Spring brings with it a desire to clean, cull and de clutter. The fresh warm air seems to beckon the windows to be open as wide as can be, and bare feet to run through the house.

So this afternoon I began with the kitchen. Cleaning, rearranging and culling, while Abbie played between the sink and wandering outside and dear Milly sat, watched and catnapped in her rocker. I am loving the fresh and clean feel of having less stuff around, although I now have pile of things that new homes.

With this warm weather and a little girl that is showing signs that she may be attempting to drop her day time nap*, I have needed dinner to be a little more effortless than normal. Thankfully our freezer is stocked with quite a few delicious meals. I've also opted for one of my favourite quick meals....prawns in lots of butter, garlic, parsley and lemon zest, served with roast pumpkin & sweet potato**, a few spoons of soaked white rice*** and a yummy salad. Tonights was papaya, green apple & cucumber.

I hope you are enjoying the recipes. It is nice to hear from so many of you saying that you have tried and enjoyed the recipes. It's lovely to receive your emails and comments so thank you...

* I'm not giving up....we both need that day time nap!
** really easy to throw some cut up pumpkin & sweet potatoe with coconut oil & butter in a slow oven for the afternoon.
*** white rice is better for you than brown rice. seriously. read this.


  1. Hi Natalie, this is really interesting for me, because kinesiology has suggested for me many times to avoid brown rice, and that the rice that would actually be best for me to eat is jasmine. Maybe this is why... I just read the article and had a little giggle. Anyway I was also "told" to avoid wheat products that don't contain sourdough. The body knows... and also, brown rice does make my teeth feel horrible, like I have to clean them immediately! Interesting...

  2. Your pictures are stunning!
    Keep all your piles of stuff until I visit next I have a feeling I will like your clutter and... can I come eat that prawn dinner with you?

  3. eek, your kitchen!! So lovely...
    (and thanks for visiting me on facebook!)


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