Saturday, September 22, 2012

Window sill wonder....

This is where I think. As mothers I think we all spend a bit of our day at the kitchen sink. washing up. preparing meals. preparing snacks. and then washing up again. oh and then another meal preparation. and more washing up. So needless to say that this is where many of my thoughts begin.......

.....and often end, with "muuuuuuuuum"being shouted from another room of the house. know the feeling?

Wanted to pop in and see if anyone had any questions that I had failed to respond to over the last few weeks. I try to go back and answer each question in the comments section, however sometime I miss some. Anyway if you have the energy please re post here or feel free to ask something new ...........

Update:  I have continued taking my temperature (read here if you want to know why)......its getting a little warmer. Eating as much as I can for breakfast as I find within half an hour of breakfast I feel fatigued very quickly. Making a batch of ricotta and jelly every few days means there is always something to snack on. I am loving these jelly cubes with a little milk & sea salt added - perfect snack for when we are out. Loving glasses of freshly squeezed orange keep those stress hormones away!


  1. Hi Nat,

    Oh yes, I know the feeling! It's a great one : ) I asked if you knew anything about the nutrional value of Kangaroo meat? Like I said, plenty to read but most is marketing material so I thought I would ask if your Emma had ever mentioned anything? Also, how long does a bottle of geletin last you for roughly?! Weird aren't I?!
    Thanks and happy days to you all. Your Milly is getting so big, just adorable. x

    1. So sorry for late reply. Just did some searching, it seems kangaroo meat is primarily according to most, wonderful, however for those who know their ain't that great. Similar to that of chicken and pork.....which I am avoiding at the moment. I would probably replace it with lamb or beef on the bone.....these cuts can also be much more affordable. Bottle of gelatin usually lasts a few weeks....depends on how much I am making of course. I make jelly every few days and I pretty much add it to every dinner. Hope this helps xx

  2. I do have a question! :) I read on one of your previous posts that you transitioned to consuming raw milk from almond/rice milk. I'm currently on almond and rice milk as Everly showed signs of lactose intolerance via my breastmilk. I'm slowly re-introducing dairy products now, focusing on raw cream, milk and cheeses, to see how she copes. I myself had symptoms of lactose intolerance as a child but it was never diagnosed, and to this day I get an upset tummy when I consume too much processed milk/cheese. How did you transition?

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Thanks for your sharing your thoughts. I love hearing from you and will respond to any questions in the comments sections. Natalie

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