Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hand knits

...we love them around here.

I have never been a knitter, always a sewer. But there is time. I am saving it for when I have copious  amounts of time waiting for the girls to finish dance practice or swimming lessons ;)

When Abbie was little I was determined to learn and with the help of my mother in law, knitted Abbie some very basic booties. Biggest mistake was using some hand dyed wool, which although the colour was just lovely, the wool itself was a little 'tough' and not stretchy (if wool can be such a way).

Since then, I have made a bunny rabbit, two beanies for the girls and a pair of socks for Milly. I do love to knit, however find that you need time to sit down. Not too much of that around here at the moment. Plus I am so very spoilt to have two very talented knitters in our lives......Nanny Joan and Nanny Rob. Nanny Joan is actually Abbie's grandmother who lives in the UK and Nanny Rob is my dearest friend's mum who I have known since I was only twelve.

You may recognise that rainbow yarn from here. Never made it past the bodice!

By chance the other day two packages arrived in the post. Even more by chance one was for Abbie and one for Milly. Two gorgeous hand knits for my girls..... If you are reading, thank you Joan and thank you Robyn - we really love them.

Do you knit? If you do, tell me when you find the time!?

Oh and why not pop over to Greer's place, she is having a lovely 'knitting' giveaway.


  1. I love to knit AND sew! I find knitting ever so much easier to do than sewing with two littles. I can pick up and take my knitting anytime and anywhere. If my kids are quietly playing, I can sit down and knit for a few minutes. It can come with me in the car when we drive somewhere (provided that my husband is driving, of course!). Sewing is so much harder as I HAVE to be at home and can't really multi-task. Also, my pin cushion is like a magnet to my almost 1 year old... So in the end, I sew and knit after the girls are in bed. Thank goodness for early bedtimes! :)

  2. Your Abbie is so gorgeous, and that rainbow sweater is stunning! My mum is the most amazing knitter but sadly so far, all I've been able to knit are scarves! (And the last one I did was ten years ago...)
    I wanted to say thank you for your kind words on my blog recently about my son Cameron. That really meant a lot to me.
    Ronnie xo

  3. How nice that both items had a little crochet flower.
    I love to knit and I love to sew. I am actually at the point with my three kiddos that I dont really need to sew and clothes :( thanks to some generous friends keeping us supplied with hand me downs (love). I just cant justify the time spent when they already have more than enough.
    Like Amanda I find knitting easier as there are always small windows of opportunity as long as the pattern is easy enough for all the putting down and then picking up - sometimes days apart


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