Friday, October 26, 2012

one thousand, one hundred and eighty four months

.......the age difference between the youngest and oldest attendee of orchestra group. It's a record alright.

Dear Hazel is my third cousin (my grandfather's cousin) and has just reached 99 years old. She still lives in her own home, cooks for herself each day, grows her own veges and yes attends orchestra group each fortnight. Impressive huh. After lunch and a game of scrabble* last week, she invited us to join her as it was her turn to play host.

We arrived to a room full of ladies mingling, vintage tea cups in hand and Hazel's homemade butter shortbreads. We walked through the grand old home which in every way is the same as it was when it was first built when she was just a girl.....beautiful high pressed ceilings, original wallpaper and carpets, old light switches and door knobs, to find Hazel in the kitchen boiling the kettle on the hob.

After some introductions, a cup of tea and a few shortbread later, we moved into the formal sitting room to begin. The girls and I followed the ladies down the hall and took up our place on the chairs closest to the hall so we could slip away if needed.

What followed took me back to school music lessons, although the attendees were a little more engaged than school days. On the agenda was twentieth century classical and my gosh did this create some heated debate! After listening to many a tune, my favourite would have to be 'The Lark Ascending' by Vaughan Williams.** Simply beautiful.

When little feet could no longer sit still, we retreated to the garden to relish in the morning sunshine and wander through the beautiful spring blooms.


* the score? hmmm I think I lost by a good 100 points.
** An etherial composition which took inspiration from English poet George Meredith.

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  1. Sounds like an absolutely lovely afternoon, I bet all the ladies loved meeting the girls x


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