Monday, October 29, 2012


I am so glad so many of you enjoyed the lunch box post here. To answers a few questions.....

I buy most of our lunchbox containers and drink bottles from biome, however the little rectangle pods I picked up online here

As for how I manage my time in the kitchen.....I just manage :) I am sure anyone with small children will attest breakfast and packing lunch boxes is a tricky time of day. I try to pack the lunchbox first, however it usually happens in between boiling the kettle, squeezing orange juice, cutting bread to make toast (trying not to burn the toast) and poaching our eggs. Somedays it is slow and peaceful, other days it is a little more fast paced. 


I have been pondering a little lately.......I like that word pondering....thinking about something deeply, before deciding on a conclusion.  It seems so appropriate as I am yet to make my mind up on a few things. I have been researching sunscreen........I couldn't even tell you the last time I used it. So much interesting research on the endocrine disruption it causes plus how a diet rich in nourishing fats can be protective.   

I will be slowing down my blogging this month just like my lovely friend Nicole. I am planning a handmade Christmas, which requires my hands to be busy cutting, tracing and stitching not tapping keys.

Christmas & Advent Ideas for Young Children post from last year here

picture: Bouillabaisse made after a trip to the fish markets.....simply divine


  1. sunscreen... I'm undecided about this too, for lots of reasons, including vit D, endocrine disruption as you said, the fact that when you're "out bush" park rangers ask you not to wear sunscreen swimming in waterholes as it kills frogs, and also skin cancer specialists say that hardly any sunscreens do what they're supposed to anyway! Would love to hear any results of your research on this one Natalie :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing where you get your wee little lunchboxes. We made your jelly didn't last long so I think that it' a winner. Wishing you a gorgeous Thursday.
    Steph :) x
    (from mon petit poppet)


Thanks for your sharing your thoughts. I love hearing from you and will respond to any questions in the comments sections. Natalie

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