Friday, October 5, 2012


Since having Milly our days have slowed down. Less outings and more time spent around the home and in the garden*.  I love it. I love the gentle rhythm of spending a day at home. Some time outside and some time inside and then out again. Milly** is beginning to find her own rhythm with daytime naps and spending more time awake in between. I am so much enjoying sitting down on the rug and just 'being' in the moment with my girls.

Today we popped out in the morning to visit my nonna and then spent the rest of the day pottering around the house. Four loads of laundry washed and dried by the hot spring sun. It's amazing how fulfilling something as simple as laundry can be. The repetition of folding the crisp towels and clothes one after the other with the sun on my back is somewhat soothing.

Abbie went between a tub of water outside, with cups and stones and inside with her Molly, a wooden pushchair and many bags of 'stuff' collected from around the house. When the sun lost some heat, I planted the coriander, 'sprouted' from the remains of two bunches I had used in cooking. Now that the chickens have moved up the back, we are trying to revive our herb patch.  The mint, sage, oregano and rosemary have already come back on their own.

I slipped outside as the sun faded to bring in the last lot of washing, the air was so reminded me of summer days. summer already. the weather moves too fast here.

why snails. well they are slow too.

* now that the chickens have been moved up the back and a little fence put up, we are spending more time outside. They were driving me crazy sitting outside my backdoor and smothering us with chickenly love everytime we walked outside.

** Oh my Milly. The sweetest baby. Can I really be so in love with her? 101 days old today and she rolled for the first time. Abbie 'rewarded' her by almost instantly biting her hard on the hand. Sigh. 2 year olds.

images from our public holiday Monday. A banana milkshake ended up on the ground and of course this meant it HAD to be played in. 


  1. Lovely post. These simple days can be so magic. I think if we can find the beauty in the can be so magical...

    I hope you're having a magical weekend. xx

    PS. Thanks for the invite. If I was around the corner, I would be knocking at your doorstep :)

  2. i agree as mother's of small children, it helps to find the beauty in the ordinary and to enjoy the slow days.


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