Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tim Coulson's The Nursery, Milly and Me

I first met Tim Coulson a few months ago when he came to photograph our family. I was hoping that he would be able to capture some of that magic he seems to find in just everyday life, and that he did. These turned out to be the latest pictures of us before our little Milly arrived just three days later.

Last Friday I was lucky enough to attend the much talked about The Nursery - A People Photography Workshop. What a wonderful way to spend a warm, slightly sticky, spring day down the south coast.

Delicious scones made by Tim, cups of tea, a photo shoot, new friends and some very understandable and practical 'theory' on how to use your camera. Tim talked to us about capturing emotion and the everyday bits that often go overlooked when people pull out a camera. We talked about aperture, ISO and shutter speed and how the three relate. We learnt about many settings on our cameras and talked about the best and easiest ways to edit, archive and file our images.

I loved that the workshop was so practical and interactive, with Tim helping each of us with our individual cameras and questions. I could write so much, however Jodi is much better with words than I and puts it so perfectly here

Tim and Kesh. Two people who are both so incredibly generous. Thank you both (and Roo) for welcoming us into your home (and onto your play mat) and to Tim for sharing so much knowledge and passion for what you love to do. I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you. 

Here are some of my images.....the ones of me were taken by my little sister, Steph, who attended along with Milly and me.

If you get an opportunity to attend, I wouldn't even think twice.  See here for more details.

I shoot using a Cannon EOS 7D. 


  1. Well done with the photos!!! I love how the subjects stand out. And such colours and lighting! Yes, beautifully done.

    And the beautiful, blissful baby. Makes me sigh.

  2. oh beautiful!!!! i had a few questions regarding back posts...i was wondering if you could explain what mud cream is in the chocolate cake recipe and what kind of cocoa you use.........i was also wondering if you could share the recipe for your homemade mayo you mentioned to add sometimes to your dressing to make it creamier??

    thank you so very much for sharing all of your wonderful knowledge with us!!!

    1. Oh Maria I am sorry for not yet responding. Thank you :)
      When I say mud cream I am referring to this - - or if you can get local raw cream, you will find it is thick like mud also. Another option is using double cream from the supermarket, this will be pasteurised however at least try to ensure it only contains cream and nothing else.

      I use raw cocoa, loving earth brand. If you are making the cake, try making it without the icing, I found it too rich and actually enjoyed it without icing and just with a big dollop of cream.

      Of course, I shall write my mayo up soon, however usually just start with an egg yolk, a tiny grating of garlic and some dijon mustard and squeeze lemon juice, then begin adding olive oil and coconut oil (I use this one as it has no coconut fragrance - You could also use macadamia nut oil.

      So nice to hear that you enjoy my ramblings :)
      Natalie x

  3. Ohmygoodness. That second last photo of Milly fast asleep! So precious. x

  4. Those amazing photos with your cherub asleep in her sling...gush. What a beautiful space you have created here. I feel so happy to have stumbled upon you. X ashley


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