Friday, November 16, 2012

these days.......

Captures from our days.

Summer fruits have arrived in our fruit and vege box.....but summer seems to be missing. Its pouring with rain here. I am sitting here wearing three layers and thinking about finding my ugg boots.

Thank you for all your sweet comments about the crown and thoughts about prioritising craft/ sewing projects. Abbie and I sat down (while Milly rolled around us) and traced the pattern for the ice-cream dress. Obviously not wanting to spoil the surprise, I didn't tell her exactly what we were doing......she thought the whole exercise was rather interesting...all those lines and little triangles.

While the girls slept last night, I began to cut the fabric.......I will continue tonight had planned on more cutting, however the girls are playing tag team here, so not tonight. Perhaps I shall make more progress over the weekend. I should read the pattern first shouldn't I. They always suggest too - it just seems way to indulgent!

How have you been passing your days? Have you seen the sun??


  1. Rather a slow start to summer, isn't it. But the garden's getting watered and those tomatoes will be plumping up nicely! Was hoping though for a little time by the beach tomorrow. Lovely new header by the way!

  2. I just happened upon your blog and must say it's very sweet. Lovely photographs!

  3. your sweet days have been captured beautifully ... and your header is just lovely x

  4. love your photos. your girls are just gorgeous and how much milly has grown!

  5. lovely golden snippets, these images make me feel so peaceful. x

  6. BEAUTIFUL natalie, simply beautiful

    xo em

  7. These are so heartwarming and beautiful, Natalie. I love summer fruits too, and that custard looks sooo yummy!
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. We have the same yellow chairs!

  8. I LOVE all of these photos.

    Milly is so angelic looking. She looks like a very content babe :) And I love the photo of Abbie pushing her on the swing!

    Everytime I visit here I feel all the beauty you infuse into your lives.


    PS. I really like your new header :)

  9. Natalie your space is so beautiful and calm and those two little ones of yours are so sweet. I love the photo of your big girl pushing her little sister:) Mmm and beeswax candles, my favourite I've been meaning to try and make some they so smell beautiful. Wishing you a wonderful day. xx

  10. Gorgeous photo's
    So glad to have found your blog too : )
    Jude x


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