Saturday, December 1, 2012

her world: imitative play

Her world is full of play. Imitative play. Watching closely as I mother her and my dear Millie. Picking up on everything; the way I squeeze the morning orange juice, the tone in the way I speak, the way in which I hang the washing.  With everything I do and everything I say, I am teaching her.

Her play space is close by. It is simple, with an emphasis on natural toys and items that can be used in many ways. Of course there are a few plastic bits and bobs...but in general we opt for objects that are real and have a natural element. Toys that enable her to imitate.  

My sweet girl plays for hours. Sometimes I am included in her adventures, other times not. Changing nappies, preparing tea parties, packing Molly's lunchbox, preparing the pushchair for an overseas flight to see Nanny Joan and laying the table for a birthday celebration. 

Some days she sings as she puts away her toys, other days she trotts off to bed leaving me to pick them up.  Either way, I find myself of an evening scouring the shelves and her bags for the numerous missing kitchen items.

She will be three in March next year and already I can see imaginary play beginning. It really is magic to watch her.


A lovely article on learning through play here

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I hope to post some meal inspiration for Christmas and some more on Advent in the coming days. 


  1. What beautiful play things in such a lovely space. I love that her play area is right next to the fireplace or hearth. I think that really shows how much her play is valued in your home.

  2. What a lovely play corner you have! Beautifull! Greetings

  3. Such a lovely post. And such a beautiful play area! Lucky girl : )
    Jude x

  4. i have read that article before but it was good to read it again. i love this age and they way they play, its a very exciting time.

    have a beautiful weekend x

  5. my girl is three in july and i can see some changes in her imagination already. talking to her little wooden animals as she loads them in a truck. feeding her 'baby' or making me dinner and a coffee (in a mini tea cup with gumnuts). that play area is very inspiring. x ashley

  6. Hours and hours can be spent just watching little ones go about their 'business'! You have provided her with the most lovely of is wonderful.

    Much love xox

  7. singing as they play is the sweetest ... all your natural toys, baskets and little objects are delightful ... i can see we both delight in natural beauty x

  8. I just adore watching the little ones plays and chat to themselves. My 5 yr old boy just natters away and it is hilarious. xx

  9. My little one is starting to do the same, sometimes I am a part of it, other times not. She will sing as she packs most times which always makes me smile. Biggest thing we seem to play at the moment is "shops" where you can get "lunch, I only have lunch". Lovely to see your A's space x

  10. Oh Natalie, what a beautiful post. I simply adore her little play area and all her gorgeous little toys. I recognise the wooden milk bottles and the egg carton (which presumably has four wooden eggs inside, halved and velcroed together...)
    Ronnie xo

  11. Natalie, what a serene space for Abby to play home in. Just gorgeous. I've been looking for a play oven like yours to no avail. Just wondering where you found it.


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