Thursday, December 13, 2012

supper snaps: creamy gnocchi, asparagus & wild salmon

"supper snaps: real food meal inspiration in a few snaps"

A very fast meal when there is just no time to cook. A pack of frozen wild smoked salmon from here, some (close to homemade) potato gnocchi, lots of raw cream, lots of parmasen, lemon zest, a few tablespoons (frozen icecubes) of bone broth, steamed asparagus and some mushrooms sautéed in garlic. Full of flavour. To increase nutrition - enjoy along side a cup of warm bone broth (I know it sounds awful, but it really is delicious when made properly).

I have a thing for lemons you may have noticed. Lemons are served up with most them and the zing they give to a meal. 

As a bit of a change I served Abbie's in separate little portions which she thoroughly enjoyed.


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